Good Times Ahead

Good Times Ahead a note from Founder @

Happy New Year 2021 ..

It’s been a tough year for the most .. not just for few .. but we moved on .. reached 2021 with new hopes, dreams, strengths and strategies to overcome the fear of virus. I am sure, we treat this as a new normal for a foreseeable future.

instinct to succeed overcome fear of failure and opens up new horizons

What excites me from a distance is .. how fast many small businesses are re-orienting towards the new normal due to COVID19. Re-orienting and re-inventing from a typical restaurant to a delivery point and a cloud kitchen .. from a typical subzi mandi to a farm-to-plate modals .. from a store to an online delivery business .. from a typical farm to local garden farm .. from typical office space to virtual office spaces .. from a selling point to shared warehouses and delivery enablement .. from a customer management to experience management .. Accounting to Virtual Accounting Services (VAS) .. Personal Tax advise to Virtual Tax Consultations .. goes on .. gig economy is here more than anticipated .. and is here to stay .. I am sure that the instinct to succeed overcome fear of failure and opens up new horizons.

gig economy is here more than anticipated

All along my life I see obstacles and every time I see them there are always ideas to overcome .. and am sure many of you saw similar .. This pandemic is also another obstacle. It’s just a matter of time to overcome .. we will .. not only we will .. we will find better solutions through innovation.

principles of financial advises are all tested now

When the change is inevitable, embrace it .. we must learn to adopt and succeed. Now that the principles of financial advises are all tested now. Many strategies of growth were found to be pale if not empty. Shallow growth in the capital markets without seeing the ground reality leads to where it should leads to. As we transition from cash based economy to credit based economy (way more than today), we must re-orient towards it. Am sure that the wise, hardworking knows where they should keep their money. I end my note with few things ..

Personal Finance

A : ALL misery comes from expectations – Check your Life Style

B : PAY attention to what you consume .. Control them

C : You are whom you are associated with .. Check AROUND

D : INVEST but Trade with caution .. as expressed in earlier notes.

Small Businesses

A : Are you doing business for LONG or short term ? .. set the expectations accordingly.

B : Change is difficult .. but RE-ORIENT your business for the changing winds / trends to stay afloat.

C : Just Started ? RE-DRAW your plans .. nothing to shy about.

D : Never lose HOPE .. Good Times Ahead

Happy Sankranthi

Suneel Dasari
Founder & CEO @