Top 7 Reasons – Why you should File your Income Tax Returns

top 7 reasons to filing your income tax |

While we are in midst of Income Tax Filing Season, quite often, we get a fundamental question from Clients. It’s like “We never filed our Income Tax Return, do we really need to ?“, “So much going on with cases like Vodafone, Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya …, who will come after me ?” etc.

Income Tax Compliance enforcement came a long way in the last 3 years with considerable automation, some quote as largest such project in the world. Today, income tax audit, scrutiny, validation, and cross verification of income tax returns are all digitized, and notice handling also came from a computerized system unlike in the past come from an Tax Officer.

For Individuals, and most of the SME (Small & Medium Enterprises), compliance is mandatory, no room for escape, getting an Income Tax Notice is not a Fun. For this segment of Tax Payers, below Video shows, Top 7 reasons WHY you want to be filing your Tax Return On-Time.


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