What is Bill of Supply?

Bill of supply from EZTax.in

What is Bill of Supply?

A registered person supplying exempted goods or services or both or paying tax under composition scheme should issue a bill of supply instead of tax invoice. Bill of supply will generally contain the similar particulars as in case of tax invoice except the details related to rate of tax and amount of tax.


Bill of supply from EZTax.in
Bill of Supply from EZTax.in

Particulars in a ‘Bill of Supply’

  1. Name, address and GSTIN of supplier.
  2. Bill of supply serial number (generated consecutively, unique for the financial year).
  3. Date of Issue.
  4. HSN code for goods or services or both.
  5. If the recipient is registered – Name, address and GSTIN of the recipient.
  6. Description of Goods or Services or both.
  7. Value of Goods / Services after discount or abatement if any, and.
  8. Signature of the supplier or his authorized representative (Optional).
  9. The heading / Title of the document must show the words “Bill” or “Bill of Supply”.
  10. Other optional fields such as Transporter details, PO details, Terms and Conditions etc.


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