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e-Way Bill Step-1 in EZTax.in GST Accounting

After a pause in the implementation of e-Way Bill, Today, Apr 01st 2018, all businesses are required to generate e-way bills to transport goods, if the value is greater than Rs. 50,000.

There are multiple blog posts on e-Way Bill from EZTax.in, and was integrated  integration into EZTax.in GST Accounting Online Software.

Easy Steps for Generating, Updating, and Cancelling an e-Way Bill.

  1. Click on the e-Way Bill icon next to an invoice in Manage Invoices Screen
  2. Select Create / Update / Cancel
  3. Provide Truck Info and HSN Code to send an SMS to get the e-Way Bill Number.

Prior to the above we need to register the Mobile Number with Central e-way Bill System.

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