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India's 1st Tax Optimizer from - Save On Taxes

An Estimate

15-30% of our Income goes to Taxes .. Less than 22.5% uses full benefit of Tax Saving Investments… now you do the math of total money that could be saved in India using right recommendations ? A component that could be well managed by 2 Crore+ (out of 5.3 Crore Tax Filings) Indians who could manage their savings better.

This is the fundamental reason for the Idea of Tax Optimizer while Filing your Taxes from

We are closing our financial year in a few days from now! and it’s time to Plan for your Taxes, and Save Money. Many of you might have seen information on Tax saving Investments, Suggestions, and even in some cases Recommendations on what to do.


All of those are specific to a case, a person, a situation… made a BOLD attempt last year 2016-17, to have India’s 1st Tax Optimizer, that help you plan and Save on your Taxes.


It’s a tool that makes recommendation’s while filing your taxes, as the Optimizer knows your situation, scenario including your age, current tax saving investments on your Form 16 or other means for the non-salaried Tax payers, it will run thru series of rules to find what could be the optimal composition of Tax Saving Investments, and even calculate the new tax payable or refund based on the current know tax code.

India's 1st Tax Optimizer from - Save On Taxes
India’s 1st Tax Optimizer from – Save On Taxes

The Tax Optimizer gives you a comparison between TODAY and TO-BE. A team of resources working as we write this article to have even a better Tax Optimizer for the coming tax season with features that were never imagined in the Industry.

Why to wait ?

Just create an account, upload your Form-16, or known income so far, or other Income, to get the right recommendation for your scenario.

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