Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Accounting is Real

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Accounting is Real

In Pursuit of building an easiest accounting solution for SME business segment in India, stepped in to Artificial Intelligence (AI) segment to learn, analyze, recommend, & act to help the specific subject. A minimalist AI design that has no form factor until an appropriate recommendation is generated for human interaction. The system further learns over the time of the human action taken for the associated recommendation, subject level sensitivity levels set in the system, to trigger future actions either in Soft or Firm Channels.

Glad to share the recent analysis on the possible AI accuracy in triggering both Soft and Firm Actions compared to the human actions. Human actions too are going to change over the time by learning a specific subject on both the timing, mode of delivery, and feedback of his/her decision.

A simple use case of AI in accounting is in managing the Debtors for optimal working capital management and realization. Accounting learns the user behavior in conjunction with the Accounts receivable in alerting user to release an email reminder of a payment due (Soft Action), the system will further learn to do such actions without a decision from the end user.

Our aim is to have fully automated system that self-learn, and take appropriate decisions by considering the feedback loop as well.

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