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GST-no-GST-onMRP-productsWell, it’s a bit old news, but 5 months after GST being in effect, we have observed that some of the businesses (interestingly, we must stress, that the well organized businesses) are still charging GST on top of Product MRP.

Per GST law, no GST to be charged for MRP based products, frankly, the law, rule, change was well published in the news media in every corner, but some of the well organized business showing ignorance as a means to cover their improper billing.

In addition, manufacturers are supposed to have new MRPs per recent changes .. in most cases, the prices should have come down. while this is difficult to pin-point unless you are a tax savvy consumer, it’s not impossible.

We advise consumers to pay attention to their bills on two fronts

a) Right MRP
b) No GST on MRP,

to make sure to get the right pricing for purchases. GST Books made GST easy and Free for 1st 100 days. Start today @

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