GSTR-2 Reconciliation

Reconcile GSTR-2A with GST
Reconcile GSTR-2A with GST

As the GSTR-2 deadline is fast approaching for many GST tax payers, introducing an easy way to reconcile your GSTR-2A file with your data in GST. All you need is to download your GSTR-2A from and upload in to have visual differences in three categories …

  1. Matched Data: the purchases and/or expenses entered in EZTax GST directly matches with the data in GSTR-2 (the invoice data uploaded by your suppliers).
  2. Partially Matched Data: the purchases / expenses that are partially matched with the uploaded GSTR-2A, here GST system applies various rules such as supplier match rule, date match rule and amount match rule with a threshold of Rs.20 (to allow any round of errors by you or your supplier)
  3. Un-Matched Data: where the invoices not matched in above 2 cases.

In addition, the system also gives you the recommendations on how to resolve such errors and steps involved. GST Books made GST easy and Free for 1st 100 days. Start today @