HSN Smart Search from EZTax

GST for Goods and Services is determined based on the HSN code or SAC code of an item that you are transacting with. As a business owner, Accountant, it’s vital to understand the these codes to record, and file GST returns.

Smart HSN Search

EZTax India developed an intuitive way to find HSN Code for this purpose. Just type a keyword to find the HSN Code, Description, CGST Rate, IGST rates all in one search.

HSN Code Requirement

HSN codes are required while filing your GST returns. EZTax.in/gst will help you in this regard, and below is the basic criteria based on the entities Annual Turnover.

Annual Turnover HSN
Up to 1.5 crore No HSN required
1.5 – 5 crores First 2 digit of the HSN code
More than 5 crores First 4 digit of the HSN Code