EZTax Virtual Accounting Services (VAS)

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Connecting with SME business around the country in understanding the GST readiness, potential gaps, and solutions, the pressure to get compliance on small, and mid scale enterprises is monumental that too when combined with demonetization after-effects, is some thing that the Govt India worth pondering in the interest of the country.

Unlike typical thinking on SME businesses, we @ EZTax.in strongly feel that it’s a growing segment due to the innovation happening around, the margin pressure, stakeholder expectations on large businesses in India.

In the interest of SME business, one of the major item came around is the cost to compliance has raised beyond expectation, and the SME field in our assessment was not ready for it. While the gap will gradually get reduced in future, we EZTax India have recently rolled-out customized industry specific accounting services including Bookkeeping, MIS Reporting, Tax, and other industry specific regulatory compliance in a virtual accounting services (VAS in short) package to give the small, mid-scale business owner the comfort they deserve.

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