A Revolution in Jurisdiction Free Assessment by Income Tax Assessing Officer.

The Income Tax Department is working on a new system of jurisdiction-free assessment, where a taxpayer would be assessed by a taxman based in any part of the country as part of measures to reduce instances of corruption and harassment.  CBDT, has constituted a special team of officers and abolish the age-old prevalent system of a taxpayer being assessed in a specific circle of the city or town where he or she is based.  A senior Official of the department has said “ This first-of-its-kind initiative will totally change the relationship and dealing between an assesse  and his Assessing Officer (AO). The income tax returns, scrutiny cases and all other I-T related correspondence of a taxpayer will go to an officer chosen randomly by the database system who is working in any I-T office of the country,”.  For example, the Income Tax Return (ITR) and scrutiny case papers of a taxpayer living in Delhi could be assessed by an AO based in say Mumbai or Kochi and likewise, the official said.